Margaret River Main Street Makeover

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From February - December 2020, Margaret River’s Main Street underwent a major transformation. The Main Street Makeover included a range of improvements designed to create an even more enjoyable place to shop, eat, drink and celebrate.

You can find project updates, frequently asked questions and other up to date information on this page.

Please note this information was correct at the time of publishing.

From February - December 2020, Margaret River’s Main Street underwent a major transformation. The Main Street Makeover included a range of improvements designed to create an even more enjoyable place to shop, eat, drink and celebrate.

You can find project updates, frequently asked questions and other up to date information on this page.

Please note this information was correct at the time of publishing.

  • Main Street tender processes track for February start date

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    Tender documents for the revised Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment works are being prepared for distribution to prospective contractors by the end of the month.

    The timing of the release of the critical documents is on target to meet the revised February start date for the project, which now better supports uninterrupted trade for businesses over the critical summer school holiday period.

    “Council listened to our local traders and appreciated their concerns about potential interruption to Christmas trade should the project have started as initially slated in October 2019,” Shire of Augusta Margaret River CEO Stephanie Addison-Brown said.

    “The project team has now rescheduled key milestone dates and stage requirements to align with these changes.

    “We feel very confident the new schedule now provides the best support to our local businesses, and the Shire will be able to adequately manage the staging costs within the available budget.”

    As a further benefit for the community, the Shire has determined the management of the Main Street Redevelopment Project will be kept in house, after the recent departure of Project Manager Sean Shields due to personal reasons.

    Shire Works Manager Peter Brown will now assume the role of Main Street Project Manager, with the support of Shire Coordinator Technical Services Chris Yates. Both will work under the direction of the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team.

    “The Shire had previously contracted out the project management role, but this restructured team arrangement makes the most sense,” Ms Addison-Brown said.

    “We have highly qualified and experienced staff, with the right local knowledge for the project right at our fingertips and we want to use them for this priority project.

    “This team will ensure maximum benefit is delivered to the community and impact to resident and visitors is minimised, while prudent financial management is ensured.

    “They know the systems, processes, suppliers, local landscape, and local community needs better than anyone.

    “They’ve been involved in aspects of the project to date and I’m now very pleased they have accepted these appointments full time.”

    The Shire thanks Sean Shields for his work in completing key staging plans for the project and wishes him the best of luck back in the UK.

    Opportunities for local trades

    The Shire has compiled a local trades directory which will be made available to the major tenderers when the project tender is advertised.

    Local suppliers who are interested in being added to the directory are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest if they have not done so already.

    The Main Street Redevelopment project includes the following works: demolition and earthworks, drainage, lighting and electrical works, new pedestrian paving and kerbing, traffic management, landscaping and street furniture.

    To express your interest, complete this form and email to or post to PO Box 61, Margaret River 6285.

    Due by 5pm, Wednesday 16 October 2019.

    The submission of an expression of interest does not guarantee engagement in the construction of the Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment Project.

  • Main Street works to commence after peak summer period

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    supporting image

    Calls from traders for the Shire to reconsider timing of upgrades to Margaret River’s Main Street will be honoured with works now set to start in February 2020.

    Following close consultation with Main Street traders, Council resolved to revise the start date with the intention to limit disruption to trade over the peak tourism period and allow time for a new staging schedule to be finalised.

    Shire Chief Executive Officer, Stephanie Addison-Brown said the decision was made in response to serious concerns from business owners and in consideration of delivering the whole project in a cost effective way.

    ‘We hear the concerns of our Main Street trader community regarding the potential of works to impact trade over the busy summer season and hope this decision will ease some of their worries.

    “Our staff have been in phone contact with the majority of Main Street traders who have expressed overwhelming support to move out the start date to February next year.

    Ms Addison Brown said a lot of work is happening behind the scenes to finalise an alternative construction schedule.

    “We understand the community are seeking clarity on how the project will be rolled out and ask for your continued patience.

    “Our intention is to find a balance between keeping as much of the Main Street open for business whilst making sure the construction roll out makes financial sense and can be implemented within existing budgets.

    “Our proposed draft schedule will see the first stage of works begin in February next year with the intention to complete the new Wallcliffe Road roundabout and the portion of road from Higgins Street to Tunbridge Street by around May when the winter rains begin.

    Above: Proposed Staging of Works

    “Works will then resume in around September 2020 to complete Stage 2, which includes the Festival Precinct on Fearn Avenue.

    “A big part of the upgrade involves installing new storm water drainage to address flooding on the Main Street, making the completion timeframe of all stages weather dependent.”

    “Starting works in 2020 will also provide the Shire with an opportunity to seek additional funding needed to complete Stage 3, which is currently unfunded.”

    “Stage 3 includes the civil, electrical and landscaping works for the remaining section of the Main Street known as the 'Hill Precinct' (located just south of Fearn Avenue through to the new Wallcliffe Road roundabout).

    “If we are successful in securing additional funding to complete Stage 3, there is potential to save on the overall project costs because contractors will still be on site.”

    The Shire will continue working closely with business owners to keep them informed about the project plan and supporting marketing campaign to facilitate access to the town centre and broader project details.

    This project is supported by the State Government.

  • Snapshot from Public Information Session (13th August)

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    supporting image

    Roughly sixty people attended last night’s information session at Riversmith Café, where further details on the construction program for the redevelopment were discussed, as well as wayfinding and marketing plans, and activation ideas. The Main Street Traders Group, who have been meeting regularly with Shire staff to provide a viewpoint for those businesses on the ground, requested the meeting be facilitated by experienced business consultant Graham Harvey. Graham introduced the Shire’s new Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Addison-Brown, the new Project Manager for the Main Street Redevelopment, Sean Shields, and the Shire’s Sustainable Economy Officer, Saul Cresswell.

    Stephanie briefly spoke to the room, introducing herself and Shire Directors from Infrastructure, Sustainable Development, and Corporate and Community Services.

    Sean Shields, Project Manager, gave a presentation outlining the latest staging plans, traffic diversion routes, and construction methodology, with works scheduled to start on 1st October. He highlighted the Shire’s strong focus on working with the contractor to minimise impact to traders, including:

    • Breaking down construction phases into the smallest possible sections;
    • Utilising printed shade-cloth on construction barriers to minimise dust, improve visible amenity, and provide additional marketing benefits;
    • Keeping noise from construction to within legislated decibels;
    • Having face-to-face communication prior to upcoming works with individual business owners/managers to assess best timing and approach for pouring cement in front of their door/s;
    • Pausing construction works for a period of time over the busy Christmas period, noting that while machinery and noise would stop there would still be evidence visible such as construction barriers;
    • Focusing traffic management on clear diversions rather than stop-go signs to keep traffic moving and reduce frustration to visitors.

    Sean then gauged from the room their preference for whether the contractor worked a five day week, stopping work on weekends, or worked a 13 day fortnight, with the bonus of completing each section within a shorter timeframe. A show of hands resulted in an estimated 70% in favour of the 13 day fortnight, but it was felt that given the room only contained a segment of Main Street traders it would be better to get further input before making a decision.

    Saul Cresswell, Sustainable Economy Officer, then introduced the communications channels for receiving information or for instigating communication regarding the construction. The main sources of information will be:

    • The Shire’s YourSay webpage:
    • The “Main Street Traders Redevelopment Group” Facebook page, set up by an active group of traders to facilitate information flows;
    • Fortnightly meetings with the Project Advisory Group, where potentially impacted businesses will meet with the Project Manager to discuss upcoming works and provide their input;
    • An Emergency mobile number, manned by the Project Manager, for construction related issues;
    • Newspaper releases at each stage of the development;
    • Direct updates to those who have provided their email addresses;
    • Email communication to either the Project Manager or the Sustainable Economy Officer.

    Saul then spoke to the marketing campaign being developed by the Shire’s Marketing and Events Officer, Cristina Smith. The campaign is tentatively being pursued under the banner of “Main Street Makeover”, a suggestion that came from the Main Street Traders Group, and has the following aims:

    • Promote the Main Street as still open for business and support continued trade;
    • Promote parking access to facilitate visitation to the town centre;
    • Promote pedestrian access ways to the Main Street during the construction period;
    • To inform traders, residents and visitors about the project details and put the focus on looking forward to a new and improved main street.

    The marketing campaign would include branding, clear directional signage for both pedestrians and vehicles, printed shade cloth on construction barriers, large banners at the entry to Margaret River and on the corner of Wallcliffe Rd and Bussell Hwy, a DL Flyer for accommodation providers inclusive of a parking map, large printed information signs with artist impressions of the future street, media releases and newspaper advertising. In addition, the Marketing and Events Officer would communicated with Events Organisers to provide them with the branded materials and good news story to frame the project positively for visitors.

    Finally, Saul spoke to “activating the main street” – what actions could be undertaken to draw people onto the Main Street during and after the construction. Some ideas that have arisen so far include:

    • Getting school classes to paint some of the sections of fence shade cloth, generating a sense of ownership and drawing parents onto the street;
    • Getting artists to create more murals and street art, and publicise a Margaret River “Art Trail” for tourists (similar to Bunbury’s);
    • Creating signs or artwork to highlight existing alleyways linking Ned Higgins Lane to the Main Street (example of some of the pedestrian linkages between Ned Higgins Lane & Bussell Hwy shown below).

    Graham Harvey then spoke from his point of view on the benefit of approaching the redevelopment as an opportunity to consider how best to respond to improve customer service in the context of surrounding construction. He facilitated a question and answer session, with answers provided by the Project Manager, Sustainable Economy Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

  • Public Information Session

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    You are invited to an information session to find out details about the scope of works, stages of construction and timings.

    When: Tuesday 13 August
    Where: Riversmith, 122 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River

  • Main Street project gets the go-ahead

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    arms logo

    The Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment Project was finally given the ‘go ahead’ at the June 26 Council Meeting. Previously held up by delays to the completion of the Perimeter Road and a funding shortfall, the Project has been revised to be delivered in three stages to ensure that the $5.49 million of State Government Funding can be effectively used for keenly sought pedestrian and public amenity, road safety and infrastructure improvements.

    Stage 2.0’ of the Project will include all civil, electrical and landscaping works from the River Precinct through to Fearn Avenue, including the area known as the ‘Festival Precinct’ and ‘Town Square’, as well as the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Bussell Highway and Wallcliffe Road (see map below).

    The subsequent stages, ‘Stage 2.1’ and ‘Stage 2.2’, will be delivered when the additional funding necessary to complete the project is secured. These stages will include the civil, electrical and landscaping works for the remaining section of the Main Street known as the 'Hill Precinct' (located just south of Fearn Avenue through to the new Wallcliffe Road roundabout).

    Stage 2.0 will deliver approximately 75% of the total project and is due to commence in September / October 2019 and continue through to May / June 2020. Should additional funding become available, Stages 2.1 and 2.2 will be delivered sequentially.

    A ground-breaking ceremony is being planned for the last week of September 2019 and in the meantime Main Street Traders, Chamber of Commerce and the Shire will be working on plans and activities to ensure the Main Street remains vibrant during the construction period.

    staged construction

  • Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment Project Information Update on Construction Program

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    Public Meeting Invitation

    Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment

    Information Update on Construction Program

    The Shire of Augusta Margaret River invites you to attend an update on the

    Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment Stage 2 construction program.

    Where: Council Chambers 41 Wallcliffe Road Margaret River

    When: Monday 17 June 6.00- 7.00 pm

    shire logo

  • Public Meeting Invitation MAIN STREET PROJECT PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION Date: Thursday, February 7 Time: 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm Place: Shire Offices Wallcliffe Rd Margaret River

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  • Special Meeting of Council to Consider Main St Redevelopment Progress Options

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    Shire of Augusta Margaret River Councillors will consider options to progress the Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment Project at the 30 January 2019 Special Meeting of Council after all tenders submitted for the works came in over budget.

    Read more here:

  • Public Art Commissions for Public Art is announced!

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    supporting image

    Local artists Trent Walker, Ewan Cameron (CAST Designs), Ben Crappsley and Jennifer Cochrane have been awarded public art commissions for the Margaret River Main Street Redevelopment Project. The exciting new street furniture by Cast Designs, and art work by Ben Crappsley will be situated in the new public space in Fearn Avenue as part of the Shires’ ongoing commitment to supporting local artists through public art. In addition has Jennifer Cochrane will create ephemeral street art during construction.

    The street furniture and artwork were selected from seven shortlisted submissions from local artists. The Assessment Panel were very pleased with the quality of all submissions and found it difficult to make a final judgement for commission.

    Project Manager Helen Whitbread said ‘All artists submitted a varied range of very high quality work. The talent we have in our region is amazing and we are very excited to be able to incorporate some of this into the project.’

    In coming to a final decision, the Panel was looking for creative expression together with functionality in a public square. The Panel felt that the winning submissions had a freshness that complemented the new Main Street, street furniture. The art work and furniture designs provided a unique compelling representation of the region, whilst being robust and functional.

    In addition to the commissioned works, shortlisted submissions were available for an on-line voting for People’s Choice Award with results seeing local artists Kashmir Rouw taking People’s Choice Award in the furniture category and Amy Wyld for the Art Panel Category for her ocean theme. Both winners receive a prize of $500.

    Trent Walker (CAST Designs) and Ewan Cameron (Timber Grooves)

    CAST Designs are experienced bespoke glass fibre reinforced concrete furniture and surfaces manufacturers based in the Cowaramup Industrial Area. Founded by Trent Walker in 2015, CAST specialise in furniture combining the use of concrete, steel and timber. Working in collaboration with emerging local timber and metal artist Ewan Cameron from Timber Grooves Design, they will produce unique, durable and functional public seating and planter boxes for the Main Street Redevelopment Project. Ewan specializes in wood engraving and produce timber creations with high quality finish, showcasing local hardwoods.

    Both live and work within the community and with this comes a passion for minimizing the impact their work has on the environment. They both endeavor to use recycled and upcycled materials and industrial by-products where possible. They are committed to supporting our local community and other local small businesses when sourcing supplies.

    Ben Crappsley

    Ben Crappsley is a Fremantle based artist who grew up in the Margaret River area. After completing his senior high schooling in Busselton he pursued studies in Graphic design at Perth Central TAFE.

    Ben returned to visual art studies in 2007 at Curtin University and completed a Masters degree in 2011. He has continued to develop his arts practice, contributing work to numerous group exhibitions and has held three solo exhibitions in the Fremantle area.

    Ben also teaches a painting class at DADAA Fremantle and has worked for Awesome Arts in their Creative Challenge program in 2018.

    Ben’s work has a strong graphic style using mixed media techniques including aerosol paints. The Margaret River public artwork commission has provided an opportunity for Ben to contribute works inspired by his frequent visits to the Margaret River region. He is currently developing new work for group exhibitions in Bunbury, early 2019.

    Jennifer Cochrane completed a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University in 1988. Her practice is predominantly object based; she has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally, including large-scale permanent works and intimate site-specific installations. Jennifer envisages using bold colours to create an abstraced response to the site that considers changing perspectives.

    Work on the Main Street is expected to commence February 2019.


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    The Augusta Margaret River Shire will shortly be delivering the long anticipated urban renewal to the Main Street (Bussell Hwy and Fearn Ave) in the Margaret River CBD.

    Commencing in February 2019, construction works will be implemented in two stages:

    Stage 1: February 2019 to May 2019 - Underground service upgrades (stormwater and electrical works)

    Stage 2: September 2019 to February 2020 – Road resurfacing, roundabout construction, footpath renewal, hard and soft landscaping, electrical works

    Construction will result in short-term altered traffic and pedestrian conditions, including temporary road closures; however, businesses will remain open on Bussell Highway and adjacent side streets, with alternative customer access arrangements in place when required.

    Summary of construction works

    Civil Works

    new stormwater drainage trunk line and associated pits, lids and chambers, installation of all interconnecting stormwater drainage pipes, pits, lids and chambers

    reconstruction of roads, footpaths, cycle lane and parking; drainage, kerbing and surfacing

    three new roundabouts

    Landscape Works

    new pedestrian crossings

    a new cycle lane and associated dual use path

    new paving, retaining walls

    new street trees

    new shelters, seating, planters, bike rails, bins, drinking fountains, timber bollards.

    Electrical Works

    Western Power forward works pole/streetlight relocation

    Western Power pole/street lighting upgrades

    Western Power pole/street lighting decommission and removal

    new electrical cables and associated pit lids

    new Lighting Control Board, Main Switchboard

    new street light poles and luminaires, including banner attachments, up-lighting

    new communication conduit


    Please visit for up-to-date information on the project timelines, and changed traffic conditions. This website will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

    Should you require any additional information please contact Helen Whitbread, Main Street Project Manager by email; subject line Main Street Construction

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