Why include Boat Ramps and North Point in the event given the long standing history of the event being held at Main Break and the upgrades that have been undertaken to accommodate the competition?

    The inclusion of boat ramps came about at the request of the world surf league because if the swell is very large and from the south coupled with light south east to easterly winds then it is a prime location especially given the proximity to the main event site, and ease of doing the broadcast. 

    North point was a required location to be included and was critical to Western Australia maintaining a world championship tour event.  This was not an option and an essential location to have as part of the WSL license. 

    Can the public still access and use the beaches during the event?

    Yes they certainly can, it is a free event. 

    How will the large extent of dunes within Gnarabup be managed during the contest being held at Boat Ramps?

    Things to consider:

    1.  The likelihood of using Boat Ramps will be less than 1%. 

    2.  The time requested to use this location will be no more than minimum of 6 hours to a maximum of 8 hours. 

    3.  This is an offshore location and falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Wildlife Marine Parks or the Department of Transport Marine and Safety 

    4.  The best viewing of this location will be from Surfers Point and we will be broadcasting live back to the big screen 

    Management of the area will consist of:

    Up to 6 security guards on hand at all-time plus the organiser will engage the volunteer base of the following groups:

    Margaret River Football Club; Margaret River Board Riders and Christian Surf Riders association plus we will have a team on hand.  In total we will have approximately 20 plus volunteers to manage the dune and coastal foreshore areas; in addition to the manned personnel orange bunting and fencing on the sensitive and potentially cliff fall zones will be erected. 

    Who will repair any damage to the Gnarabup dunes and beaches after the event?

    As the event stakeholders this responsibility will rest with the world surf league.  Surfing WA will take before and after photos to ensure that the area is properly protected and maintained.

    Explain how recreation surfers can use the surfs breaks Main break, North Point, Boat Ramps and the Box during the event

    If the event is not being held at any of the said locations, recreational surfers will be free to use the surf breaks as per normal.

    How many days including set up and pack down would Boat Ramps and North Point be used for the event?

    Here is how it will all work: 

    1. Firstly a call will be made 12 to 24 hours prior to going live at the location; once that call is made we will erect the basic infrastructure in the late afternoon at the Boat Ramps site or the North Point site will be erected as per the operational plan.

    Boat ramps: No more that 8 hours to erect the basic infrastructure and 4 hours to dismantle it.  The plan is to have a minimal impact on the area as possible and to protect the sensitive environment at the location. 

    North Point:  this will be done as per the operational plan lodged with the shire. 

    Clarify the length of the Margaret River pro included the setup and pack down?

    The Operation plan for the event outlines the dates of the event as the following:

    ·  26th March Event load in at Surfer Point.

    ·  10th April Trials Day

    ·  11th April day one of the event

    ·  22nd April final day of the evet

    ·  23rd April – 27th April Event load out

    How will parking be managed at Boat Ramps?

    This will be done by the traffic management company in conjunction with the Margaret River Football Club as per the traffic management plan submitted.

    Management of other recreational boat users and jet skis at Boat Ramps during the event?

    All recreational boating users will be able to access the boat ramps as per normal.