What is community infrastructure?

    Community infrastructure is Council owned or managed buildings providing health and wellbeing, sport and recreation, and community education opportunities for residents, workers and visitors, including those operated by clubs, community organisations or Council contractors.

    Examples include:

    • Public parks and gardens
    • Sport, recreation and cultural facilities
    • Community meeting places and halls
    • Community resource centres

    What is the Community Infrastructure Plan?

    The Community Infrastructure Policy and Plan articulate how and when the Shire will pursue careful and balanced planning of community facilities and services to meet the demands and expectations of the community over the next 20 years. 

    This includes analysis of the changing needs of our community right across all townsites and villages in the shire.

    I have given feedback on this topic in the past. What is the history of community engagement?

    The Shire has engaged with the community on this topic in the past. The feedback received from the community within these projects has been taken into account to inform this review.

    History of engagement

    Community Infrastructure Plan 2012

    Community engagement for the Augusta-Margaret River Supertown Project was conducted in January 2012 and was designed to inform community infrastructure planning at the time.

    This engagement included a range of opportunities for the community and stakeholders to participate and have input into the planning process, including community infrastructure visioning workshops in January 2012, with a written questionnaire, focus groups, phone interviews and various stakeholder meetings. It resulted in the identification of various key projects and priorities in relation to community infrastructure development. 

    Community Satisfaction Surveys

    The Shire commissions Advantage Communications & Marketing to undertake a community consultation survey every three years among its ratepayers to collect community feedback in respect to its performance in the delivery of its services. The feedback from these survey's conducted in 2016, 2013 and 2010 have been taken into account to inform this review.

    The survey comprised a self-completion questionnaire mailed to 4,000 residential and business ratepayers (both owner occupiers and absentee owners) randomly selected from the Shire’s rate roll. Part of this survey relates to the community's satisfaction of it's community facilities. 

    Community Facilities Plan 2008


    Developer Contributions Policy 2015


    Public Open Space Policy


    Asset Management Plan


    Your 2036 and other feedback