When will the redevelopment start?

Works start on the Margaret River main street in September / October 2019. 

The construction schedule is currently being finalised with the contractor. This information will be published as soon as possible!

What input has the community had to date?

The Shire conducted an extensive consultation process for the design of the main street redevelopment, which spanned over the last 7 years. 

Key milestones of the engagement included:

  1. A Community Reference Group, established as part of the SuperTown project planning process
  2. A long standing Project Control Group have governed the project; this group has including the Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association
  3. A number of community workshops and surveys as part of the 12 month engagement process for the Shire's Community Strategic Plan 2036
  4. The 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey which included questions specific to the design
  5. Regular community meetings and workshops from Margaret River Council Chambers, including major events through the detailed design in 2016, 2017 and 2018
  6. A Your Say page with regular updates and opportunities to provide feedback, including an ongoing live Q&A forum.

How much will it cost?

The Council Report from 24 June 2019 details the cost for each stage. Stage 2.0 is $8,350,609, stage 2.1 $1,520,178 and Stage 2.2 $1,500,437; a total of $11,371,225.

The Shire has received $5.49 million plus interest from Royalties for Regions, with $200,000 spent so far. The Shire has $2 million plus interest from land asset sales which has been held in a reserve, plus $757,000 from other Shire reserves and $400,000 of Council funds.

What stages are involved?

Stage 2.0’ of the Project will include all civil, electrical and landscaping works from the River Precinct through to Fearn Avenue, including the area known as the ‘Festival Precinct’ and ‘Town Square’, as well as the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Bussell Highway and Wallcliffe Road (see map below). 

The subsequent stages, ‘Stage 2.1’ and ‘Stage 2.2’, will be delivered when the additional funding necessary to complete the project is secured. These stages will include the civil, electrical and landscaping works for the remaining section of the Main Street known as the 'Hill Precinct' (located just south of Fearn Avenue through to the new Wallcliffe Road roundabout). 

Stage 2.0 will deliver approximately 75% of the total project and is due to commence in September / October 2019 and continue through to May / June 2020. Should additional funding become available, Stages 2.1 and 2.2 will be delivered sequentially.