When will the redevelopment start?

Construction will commence on the Margaret River main street in early February 2020. 

It is expected that a contract will be awarded prior to Christmas 2019 to allow for the appointed contractor to mobilise in mid-January 2020 for an onsite start of Stage 1 on 3rd February 2020.

What types of improvements are included?

Our Main Street transformation will include resurfaced footpaths, pedestrian crossings, shelters, seating and more trees. Drinking fountains, lighting upgrades and beautiful landscaping will add to the appeal of visiting Margaret River’s town centre. Cyclists will have a designated path up the Main Street and new bike racks to park at. The Festival Precinct will allow us to close off Fearn Avenue for events and create more al-fresco dining opportunities. Some of the less visible improvements are new stormwater drainage and upgrading electrical connections.

What stages are involved?

The image below shows indicatively the anticipated Stage Plan for construction. This will be finalised once the tender process has been completed and the schedule is finalised with the builder.

It is currently anticipated that Stage 1 of the project will deliver include all civil, electrical and landscaping works for the Tunbridge and Wallcliffe intersections. This would also include the section from the river precinct to the southern side of Tunbridge Street and Churchill Ave.

The subsequent stages, ‘Stage 2’ and ‘Stage 3' are currently envisaged to include the civil, electrical and landscaping works for the remaining section of the Main Street, including the ‘Festival Precinct’ on Fearn ave (stage 2) and the 'Hill Precinct' just south of Fearn Avenue through to the new Wallcliffe Road roundabout (stage 3). 

What input has the community had to date?

The Shire conducted an extensive consultation process for the design of the main street redevelopment, which spanned over the last 7 years. 

Key milestones of the engagement included:

  1. A Community Reference Group, established as part of the SuperTown project planning process
  2. A long standing Project Control Group have governed the project; this group has including the Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association
  3. A number of community workshops and surveys as part of the 12 month engagement process for the Shire's Community Strategic Plan 2036
  4. The 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey which included questions specific to the design
  5. Regular community meetings and workshops from Margaret River Council Chambers, including major events through the detailed design in 2016, 2017 and 2018
  6. A Your Say page with regular updates and opportunities to provide feedback, including an ongoing live Q&A forum.
  7. Engagement with Main Street Traders over August/September 2019 to refine the staged construction schedule. 

Will the main street be more pedestrian friendly?

9 new pedestrian crossings will help make it easier for people to cross the road. A dual use path down the Main Street as well as two new roundabouts will help reduce traffic congestion and support a more friendly experience in our town centre. The Festival Precinct along Fearn Avenue can be shut off from vehicles during events.

What cycling infrastructure will there be?

A cycle path will run up the Main Street, connecting cyclists to the town centre. New bicycle racks will provide spaces to park close to the shops.

How many of the trees on Margaret River’s main street will be removed or replaced during the redevelopment?

There are currently 78 trees along the Margaret River Main Street. The redevelopment will see 23 trees removed and 37 trees installed. This will see a total of 92 trees at the completion of the redevelopment. An independent Arborist was engaged to undertake a comprehensive conditions survey and these findings have been addressed in the final scope of works.

Where to park during works

A parking map will be made available showing where to park and to access the Main Street on foot. There will also be directional signage showing people where to park as they enter town.

How much will it cost?

The Council Report from 24 June 2019 details the total cost for the project is $11,371,225.

Councillors agreed at their meeting on 11 September 2019 to re-tender the project based on the previous negotiations not concluding in a contract within the designated time frame of 6 months as stipulated in the Local Government Act 1995. Through this new tender process the construction cost may be adjusted depending on responses received.

In terms of income for this project, the Shire has received $5.49 million plus interest from Royalties for Regions, with $200,000 spent so far. The Shire has $2 million plus interest from land asset sales which has been held in a reserve, plus $757,000 from other Shire reserves and $400,000 of Council funds.

Who will doing the works?

Councillors agreed at their meeting on 11 September 2019 to re-tender the project based on the previous negotiations not concluding in a contract within the designated time frame of 6 months as stipulated in the Local Government Act 1995

Are there jobs for local contractors?

The Shire’s tender process supports submissions that advocate and propose the use of local business in every form of service, being direct and indirect to the project.