Early start for Stage 2 works

3 months ago

Stage 2 of the Main Street Makeover works is being brought forward to an earlier start, kicking off at the beginning of May. This will support fast-tracking the completion of the project (see Project Stages map).

Initially this will involve the continuation of the stormwater upgrade works up the middle of the street from the Tunbridge Street/Churchill Avenue/Bussell Highway intersection heading south towards Fearn Avenue.

The 1.2m wide pipe laid to the north will continue to run up to the Fearn Avenue/Willmott Avenue intersection and act as the main conduit for stormwater running through the system from Tunbridge Street, Churchill Avenue, Willmott Avenue, Fearn Avenue as well as water running from the Wallcliffe and Forrest Road intersection.

Pedestrian access
Pedestrian access on both sides of the Main Street will be retained whilst the current cul de sac arrangement from Fearn Avenue heading north will gradually retreat as work progresses.

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