Fearn Avenue one way set to open with 10km/h limit

Vehicles can expect to drive through the new Festival Precinct, with a tentative date of Monday 15 March set for the one-way road to open.

Access through the one-way street from Bussell Highway into Fearn Avenue was temporarily deferred until retractable bollards arrived, which were delayed due to global supply chain issues.

A speed limit of 10 kilometres an hour will apply through the area.

Shire Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Addison-Brown said the Festival Precinct was designed as a shared use space as part of the Margaret River Main Street Makeover.

“Pedestrians have been able to enjoy exclusive use of this space on account of the delay in retractable bollards arriving," she said.

“Now the bollards have been installed, vehicles will be allowed to drive through as originally intended and the area can be temporarily closed for special events."

Ms Addison-Brown acknowledged calls by some members of the community to permanently keep the space pedestrian use only and said traffic modelling was needed to understand impacts of any potential future change.

“We know a number of people would like the Shire to keep this area for pedestrians only after having experienced the space free of cars," she said.

“However, this view is not shared by all segments of the community, especially businesses in the direct vicinity who have been impacted by lack of vehicle and delivery access.

“Traffic modelling is required to understand the impacts of a permanent closure including the potential for congestion at other intersections and to enable planning for future intersection treatments.

“An informed decision can then be made around any potential changes.

“We ask drivers to keep to the speed limit, and for people to give way to cars in this area as the town gets used to the one-way street."

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