Project update 20 May

3 months ago

North entrance to town (Stage 1a)

Stage 1a is expected to be completed by the beginning of July (see stages map below).
Crews are now working above ground on the road surface, with the initial road seal now on and kerbing (including pedestrian crossings, pram ramps, roundabout and traffic islands) going in this week.
Next week exposed aggregate footpaths will be installed.

Helping traffic flow in prep for increase in visitors

We will facilitate traffic flowing into the town centre in support of traders.

  • For the weekend of 23/24 May traffic will be able to use the Bussell/Tunbridge section of the new 'bean' roundabout to access parking to the west of the main street.
  • For the June Long Weekend the roundabout at Bussell/Churchill/Tunbridge will be open to traffic to access to/from the north via Churchill and Tunbridge with the diversion via Higgins not in use.

    Subject to progress it is intended to make this the weekend norm thereafter for the remainder of the Stage 1a works to facilitate easier access to town for visitors now that the regional border relaxations are in place.

Wallcliffe Roundabout almost done (Stage 1b)

Works due for completion by the end of May/early June
If you've driven into town via the South, you'll see our new roundabout and footpaths taking shape. The new roundabout and road sections were sealed over the weekend of 15th/16th May with traffic movements continuing to allow travel through the intersection in a south to north direction. Crews are working hard to install the remaining footpaths, with Reuther Park's new path in and looking great!

The roundabout will be open for traffic during the June long-weekend, which is great news for our community and visitors.

Bussell Hwy to Fearn Av/Willmott Av intersection (Stage 2a)

Stage 2a is expected to be completed by beginning/mid September, subject to weather.

Stage 2a works were brought forward to coincide with the COVID-19 related travel restrictions and associated economic slowdown with works commencing at the beginning of May. Drainage is being installed up the middle of the road working up the hill. Pedestrian access to individual shops will be maintained via the existing footpath whilst stormwater pipes are installed up the middle of the road. During installation of the new footpath, pedestrian access will be maintained via a section of road parallel to the footpath.

Festival Precinct on Fearn Avenue (Stage 2b)

Stage 2b works will commence on completion of Stages 1a and 1b to ensure that traffic flows through and around the project area can be maintained and disruption minimised. The closure of Fearn Ave will require traffic detours to utilise the new roundabouts constructed in Stages 1a and 1b.

Stage 3 funding

The Shire is in discussions with both the State and Federal governments to secure 100% funding for Stage 3 works.

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