Project update - 2 October 2020

02 Oct 2020

Stage 2A (Tunbridge St to Fearn Ave)

  • Footpaths have been constructed outside Riversmith (on the west side) and from the Bookshop to Westpac (on the east side) with cleaning due to take place after hours next week.
  • Demolition of the old footpath outside the surf shops is due to take place after school holidays.
  • The median strip kerb will be built from Settlers tavern car park towards Fearn Avenue.

Stage 2B update (Fearn Avenue - New Festival Precinct )

  • Crews are continuing to prepare the basecourse for the road and pedestrian precinct area.
  • Aiming to complete storm water connections between businesses and the main system next week
  • We're getting closer to seeing some of the contours of the new Festival Precinct appear with edgebeam kerbing footings due for construction next week.

Stage 3 (Willmott Ave to Wallcliffe Rd)

Stage 3 is seeing two distinct items of work being undertaken: a new water main (to deliver water) being installed, and new storm water drainage being built.

  • The replacement of the water main is now moving up past Town Square towards Wallcliffe roundabout. This trench will be back-filled and construction of new storm water drainage is following along behind (now up to Chicken Treat).
  • Next week drainage crews will start working on stormwater connections to businesses from Fearn Ave heading up the hill on the west side.
  • Crews will also be installing electrical and irrigation sleeves for servicing garden beds and electrical needs in the later stages of the road works.

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