Project update - 30 October 2020

Stage 2A (Tunbridge St to Fearn Ave )
Here's a heads up about works scheduled in the Stage 2A area as we work to prepare the road surface for final asphalt.


  • 2 -6 November - construction of the median islands to Riversmith will be completed. Electrical cabling will be inserted into conduits from Target to the Willmott Avenue intersection.
  • Mid-late next week - fencing will go back up on both sides of the Stage 2A area from mid to late next week (from Riversmith/ surf shops to the Visitor Centre/Dome crossing. Banner mesh will be installed to reduce dust as much as possible.
  • 7 & 8 November - over these two days the road will be profiled and stabilised preparing the base course for installation of the road’s final asphalt layer.
  • 9-13 November - the stabilised basecourse will be compacted by rollers and trimmed into shape.
  • Week of 16 November - the final asphalt is scheduled to be constructed, exact date to be confirmed.


  • There will be limited to no pedestrian crossing points from the Visitor Centre/Dome up to Riversmith/surf shops whilst the works are undertaken due to heavy vehicles doing their work up and down the street.
  • Traffic Control will be in place at the peanut roundabout to enable plant vehicles to turn around, however there will be minimal disruption to traffic flows.

You can expect dust, noise and vibration whilst the stabilisation is undertaken.
The good news is, we are getting very close to completing this project area.

We will undertake a shop front clean (power wash) when crews have completed the asphalt works to finish this stage completely.

Stage 2B update (Willmott Ave/ Bussell Hwy intersection )

  • The footpath in Willmott Ave North will be demolished, and the new footpath formed up and poured.
  • The light pole footing and electrical pit will be installed.
  • Crews will finish off kerbing in this area and fit drainage lids.

Stage 2B update (Fearn Avenue - New Festival Precinct )

  • Contours of the one way lane through the new Festival Precinct can be seen between the two edge beams that have been installed.
  • Crews will pour the new roundabout next week, with the road base now ready.
  • Drainage lids will be fitted to the roundabout area next week and electrical contractors will install in-situ footings for light poles.
  • Kerbing construction will continue.
  • You'll also see structural steel fixed to footings in this area for the new street furniture and shelter!

Stage 3 (Willmott Ave to Wallcliffe Rd)

  • Exciting milestone - the central drainage spine from the top to bottom of the street is 100% complete.
  • Crews are working on the footpaths in front of the Margaret River Hotel.
  • Next week footpaths in front of the Coles arcade to Bob's Shoes will be demolished and reconstructed.
  • By the end of next week all underground services and edge kerbing will be constructed up to Priceline on the West side of Bussell Highway.
  • All below ground services and edge kerbing will completed up to Little Rascals on the East side of Bussell Hwy.
  • Drainage crew will start installing side entry pits on the East side of the road.
  • All electrical and communications conduits will be installed past Priceline.
  • A crossing point opposite Town Square will be installed for the weekend.
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