Progress update 17 February

3 months ago

Wallcliffe Road/Bussell Highway intersection update

Works are progressing well at the top end of town. Before the new roundabout is built, old stormwater infrastructure under ground is being replaced. Work crews have dug down about 3.5 meters to the centre junction pit, laying eleven, 450mm stormwater pipes. The team is now working west of the intersection on Wallcliffe Road, digging four side entry pits. These are the little openings you see along kerbs designed to collect stormwater from the road surface. Once this is done, they’ll begin making side entry pits to the north and east side of the intersection.

Tunbridge Street/Churchill Avenue intersection

Crews have been potholing to confirm the location of utility services under the ground. This involves careful vacuum excavation to allow visual confirmation of services and other unknown obstructions before starting deep excavation. The location of huge1500mm diameter stormwater pipes to be installed between Tunbridge Street and the rain garden are being moved from the northbound carriageway to the centre of the road. This will require a portion of Bussell Highway to close whilst excavation works take place and pipes are laid. Updated detour map is available here.

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