Where are things up to with Stage 1?

3 months ago

Wallcliffe Road/Bussell Intersection
Works are continuing on schedule for the completion and opening of the new roundabout at the Wallcliffe Road and Bussell Highway intersection. Key elements to be completed in the next week include kerbing, the granite rock wall adjacent to Senior High School and the footpaths adjacent to the roundabout.

The recent announcement that schools would reopen for the start of term 2 resulted in some hasty rescheduling of works to ensure school buses have access to the primary school.

Take a look at the aggregate finish on the new pavements.
This pic is the area south of Wallcliffe Road/Bussell Highway intersection.

Northern entrance to town
Crews continue to complete the deep drainage system with the final stages of work being undertaken that will connect the system to the existing rain garden area. So far more than 2800cubic metres (approx. 5000tonnes) of material has been excavated to enable the installation of around 620m of drainage pipe. Stormwater continues to flow through the existing network into the raingarden whilst any water removed from trenches is pumped through the sediment tank to remove any particulates before it runs through the raingarden for further cleansing and onward flow into the river.

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