Focus of the Turner Caravan Park Masterplan

over 1 year ago

Council resolved in 2017 to develop a masterplan for Turner Caravan Park, to focus on future infrastructure upgrades including chalet development. Innoviv was the successful consultancy engaged to develop a concept plan for the future and this was completed in partnership with the Shire design team which included two Councillor representatives.

The draft concept plan aims to:

  • Promote a safe, inclusive and family friendly park
  • Enhance park layout and accessibility
  • Provide diverse accommodation options that will encourage greater visitation to Augusta during the off peak season
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment

Key challenges:

  • Historical park with ageing infrastructure that is required to meet modern legislative requirements
  • Incompatibility of site use (short and long stay) within some sections of the park
  • Managing fire and hazardous tree risks
  • Ensuring that the park provides a sufficient return to finance infrastructure renewal

Key initiatives:

  • Caravans will have access to larger sites, drive through access and stand-alone ensuites
  • New and upgraded amenities
  • Alternative exit (at Albany Terrace) supporting emergency evacuations
  • Dedicated area for short and long stay users including provision of storage facilities
  • Chalet accommodation to be increased and diversified
  • Group accommodation
Community engagement on the draft plan was conducted over November 2018.
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